Just The Facts, Part II

Here is the fact sheet on the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association website for Tom Dakin’s well-deserved and long overdue Hall of Fame induction in 2013.


I’m very thankful to the person who put forth the time and effort related to Tom’s nomination.  But things have a way of getting mucked up over time.  Let’s go through it line-by-line:

Whitefish Bay High School
1959 to 1962  TRUE

Coach: William Cross  TRUE

120 Yd. High Hurdles – :14.0 (1962 State Meet Record)  TRUE

180 Yd. Low Hurdles – :19.2 (1962 Conference Meet Record)  FALSE.  Tom ran 19.5 in 1962 to win the Suburban 180 Low Hurdles title and it wasn’t the Suburban Conference record.  Jerry Casey of Greendale ran 19.4 in 1957.  It’s not a years screw-up, either.  Tom finished second in the lows at the Suburban in both 1960 and 1961.

65 Yd. High Hurdles – :08.0 (1962 Conference Indoor Meet Record)  FALSE.  The time was 7.9.

65 Yd. Low Hurdles – :07.7 (1962 Conference Indoor Meet Record)  FALSE.  Tom ran the 7.7 in 1961.  He ran 7.8 in 1962.

WIAA State Meet (Class A)
1960 – 3rd Place 120 Yd. 36” High Hurdles (:15.0)  TRUE

1961 – State Champion 120 Yd. 36” High Hurdles (:14.4)  FALSE.  Tom was the State Champion in 1961 running 14.4, but he ran 39″ hurdles.

1962 – State Champion 120 Yd. 39” High Hurdles (:14.0; State Meet Record)  TRUE

1962 – Class A State Meet Team Champions  TRUE

University of Wisconsin – Madison  TRUE

1964 – Big Ten High Hurdles Conference Champion  TRUE

HOF Committee’s Note
From 1895-1961 the 120yd. HH were 36” in height.  FALSE.  The high hurdles height was 42″ from 1895 until 1932 and then 36″ until 1960.

Starting in 1962 the height was raised to 39”.  FALSE.  This happened in 1961.

1980 was the first year the WIAA used the current metric distances during state tournament competition, and the event became the 110m HH with the height remaining at 39”.  TRUE

During the days of hand-timing at state meet competition, no athlete ran faster in prelims or finals than Tom Dakin in the 120yd. High Hurdles (WIAA or WISAA).  TRUE

Tom Dakin is the greatest hurdler this state has ever seen.  TRUE.  No, that’s not on the plaque, but it should be.


From the 2013 WISTCA Hall of Fame award ceremony, Tom is on the far left:






2 thoughts on “Just The Facts, Part II

  1. Please contact me. I am a BAY Class of ’67 grad. Longtime friend of Howie Zien. I need details and results of BAY track 1964-1967. I tried this past year to get Howie Zien into the State Track HOF. Failed this attempt.
    Would like to develop a better strategy for 2021 attempt.
    Henry Kerns
    13885 Pine Country Lane
    Conifer, CO 80433


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