1942 - Valley, Albrecht

Phil Valley’s 14.4 obliterated the overall 120 High Hurdles State record (14.7).  Defending State champion Bob Albrecht of the Bay finished second.  In the subsequent 18 State meets where the event was run over 36″ hurdles, only four guys in all classes ran faster, with one of them being Jim Mitchell of the Bay in 1947 (14.3).

The Bay scored 59 2/7 points to get past runner-up Cudahy’s 14.  That 1942 team ranks right up there with the 1962 and 1970 Bay teams in top quality and depth and the 1941 team was also right there.  Both the 1941 and 1942 teams won seven of the 13 events at State and would have been in the hunt for the title if they had been in Class A.

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