It’s defined as non-negative.


Is this site affiliated with Whitefish Bay high school, its athletic department, track program or booster club?



What is the reason for this site?

Whitefish Bay has by far the best boys track and field legacy of any high school in Wisconsin.  Decades of outstanding athletes and accomplishments.  The stories deserve to be told and as far as I know, they haven’t been told.


Is there a specific time period that this site will focus on?

Yes.  Basically the Suburban Conference era, which roughly overlaps with the first three Bay track head coaches:  Chet Wangerin (1934–1957), Bill Cross (1958–1964) and Earl Zamzow (1965–1977).


Will the site be chronological?

No.  It will jump around among eras.


What about after Bay joined the North Shore Conference?

Somebody else can handle that.


Who are you?

Doesn’t matter.


How often will this site be updated?

I’d like to know the answer to that one myself.  Most likely fairly often at the beginning.  Down the road, who knows?


What are your sources?

Information in the Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Sentinel, Whitefish Bay Herald, Tower yearbooks, what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard.


Will this site discuss anything other than Whitefish Bay track and field?

Probably.  Discussion of Bay track will inevitably bleed into the history of the school itself, other Bay sports and the Suburban Conference as a whole.  The best Bay track athletes tended to be the best overall Bay athletes and the best Suburban Conference athletes.

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