Just The Facts, Part I

Below are team scores and 880 Relay results from the 1966 State Meet at Monona Grove.  Which do you like better, the Wisconsin State Journal or Milwaukee Journal? 

Wisconsin State Journal:

1966 WSJ 1

1966 WSJ 2

Milwaukee Journal:

1966 MJ 1

1966 MJ 2

Me?  I like the Milwaukee Journal’s results much better.  They also have the advantage of being correct.  The Bay got a monster anchor leg from junior Howie Zien to end up on the good side of a tight 2nd to 5th finish.  Howie Tolkan, Steve Ohan and Mike Lindemann put him in a position to do it.

Why the Wisconsin State Journal screw-up?  In that era, Janesville’s uniforms were the exact same as Bay’s.  Could somebody have gotten them confused?  It’s possible, but aren’t results printed in the paper based on the official results given out at the meet?  You’d certainly think so.

I don’t want to bag on the Wisconsin State Journal too much.  Compare their coverage of Howie Zien’s state record in the 180 Yard Low Hurdles with that of the Milwaukee Journal. 

Milwaukee Journal:

1966 Zien MJ

Wisconsin State Journal:

1966 Zien WSJ

1966 Zien



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